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In veranda roofing Heat Mirror technology is up until three times more insulating than average double pane.

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The world’s greatest insulating glass
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Heat-Mirror IG is the product of researches developed at MIT during the 70s to improve double and triple panes performances.  

The solution seems easy but still is revolutionary : Suspend a film in the middle of an insulating glass unit to create multiple insulating cavities.

The first low-e glass with solar control were born, they use the Heat Mirror film technology

  • 1970 : Heat-Mirror™ is developed at MIT
  • 1979 : Creation of Southwall Technologie
  • 1980 : First Commercialisation of Heat Mirror IG (US only)
  • 1999 : Heat Mirror : One of the Top 100 Inventions of the Millenium
  • 2000 : Development in Europe
  • 2008 : Heat Mirror IG is available in France

Since 1980, Heat Mirror insulating glass has been used around the world in structures ranging from single family homes to high profile projects for Fortune 500 companies. This innovative technology has been recognized in the news for its outstanding contributions to the environment though the highest level of sustainable design.






Design, Aesthetics and Performance


Recent architectural trends aimed at greater transparency and clarity in the facades of buildings, creating a new set of challenges in the design of buildings with low-e consumption.

The glass facades are faced with three issues: ensuring both adequate visibility, solar protection and thermal insulation.

Heat-Mirror ™ IG enables architects to meet this challenge without compromising the aesthetics and design of facades.










Heat Mirror Veranda

The double-glazing Heat Mirror ™ combine both functions super thermic and acoustic insulation, energy sun protection, natural light gain but also the advantages of light weight.

Heat-Mirror ™ has been used in broad areas of application:

Porches and canopies
Passive houses and HQE
Commercial and residential buildings
Curtains for walls and insulation


Super insulating glazing

BBC Heat Mirror

Heat Mirror IG are multifunctional glazing, which significantly improve comfort in many areas such as heat regulation, UV protection, light, acoustic ...

Installed in vertical profiles in aluminum, PVC and aluminum-wood combination, Heat-Mirror has the advantage of achieving insulation performance much more superior than the best double and triple glazing, while keeping a standard composition.

Used in roofing, Heat-Mirror is the only glazing to keep Ug unchanged when seeing double or triple glazing thermal performance halved.

Implemented in many BBC and positive energy projects, Heat-Mirror glass is now the glazing of the future.

Heat Mirror Empire State BuildingEmpire State Building : Energy-efficient retrofit

All 6, 514 windows re-glazed with Heat Mirror IG

Project goals :

  • Reduce energy consumption by 38%
  • Save $4.4 million in annual energy costs
  • Eliminate 105.000 metric tons of CO2 over 15 years
  • Estimated payback ~ 3,8 years
  • Glass upgrade alone expected to save $339.000 in annual energy costs